About Twelixir?

The startup Twelixir was created with this unique goal:
Help individuals and companies improve their experience on Twitter & increase their influence.

What can I do with Twelixir?

Twelixir is a web application to help you get the most out of your Twitter activity.

Thanks to Twelixir, you will be able to:
     • See an historical presentation of your activity on Twitter
     • Access a detailed analysis of your Twitter account and interactions
     • Receive generic and contextual tips, based on your data and activity
     • Benefit from simple and efficient tools all over the site
     • Use Twelixir Probator*, an advanced Module to help you get more quality followers

More about Twelixir?

To learn more about Twelixir, news on Twitter and social media, do not hesitate to check out our blog:

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Contact us: contact@twelixir.com