Backup your Twitter Life

  • Access your whole history on Twitter.
  • Easily search for an old tweet you sent.

Monitor your interactions

  • See who retweeted you.
  • See who talked about you.
  • Even if that was a long time ago.

Improve your influence

  • See when your tweets have the most impact.
  • Find out who retweeted you the most.
  • Get useful statistics about your tweets.
And so much more...

Get the most out of your Twitter activity!

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Thanks to our approach based on an historical presentation of your activity on Twitter, you have an immediate access to numerous data :
• All your Tweets from the last 12 months
• All your Mentions from the last 12 months
• Your Retweets and analysis of your Retweeters

- “I don’t remember last time I tweeted about Uber?”
Easy! Thanks to our historical approach, in a snap, you can go back to your 12-month-old tweets!


You have a detailed analysis of your Twitter account and interactions :
• Best Time To Tweet
• Top Retweeters lists
• Top 100 of your Largest Followers
• And more Top Lists!

- “I never seem to know when it is the right time for me to tweet for a better exposure?”
Based on your data, we show you exactly when to tweet!

- "I wonder who Retweeted me the most during the last 3 months ?”
With Twelixir, we show you who are your best retweeters!

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Receive specific tips, based on your data and activity on Twitter :
• Generic Tips to help you understand the best action to perform
• Contextual Tips to pinpoint the Call To Action

- “@guardiantech follow only 1% of its 2,4 M of followers and my Top 10 Followers shows they have just followed me.”
In this case, Twelixir gives you a tip advising to “Follow this user because he is influent and doesn't follow too many users” So, no matter what, follow him ASAP if you don't want to lose him as a follower!


All over the site, easy-to-use tools to increase your efficiency :
• The Twelixir Index to show you who to follow
• Export to CSV Followers and Activity
• Filter fields to optimize your search

- “I don't really know who to follow, I’m a bit lost on Twitter”
Twelixir Index allows you to know who are the most interesting people for you to follow. For-example, you should follow accounts with Twelixir Index ranging from 5 to 9.

- "How can I find out who is a journalist among my followers ?"
Well, with the “Export to CSV” feature, you will easily be able to analyze your followers and identify how many journalists follows you. To do that, you just need to upgrade to Advanced level.

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Use Twelixir Probator, an advanced Module, to help you get more quality followers :
• Search & Target followers based on your tags
• Probate & Evaluate People
• Keep following or Clean-up accounts

- “I followed this company based on its last tweet, but in fact, it seems we have nothing in common.”
That’s the reason why, with Probator, it won’t happen again.
You will definitely be able to target, probate and score the most interesting accounts for your business / topic.